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Manage your pet's medical records in one place AND easily share records with others.

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App Overview

Take your pet's records with you wherever you go.

  • List Icon 1Manage your pet's medical records in one place
  • List Icon 2Get recall alerts from our pet products Recalls Center
  • List Icon 3Easily find a local veterinarian using our Vet Finder
  • List Icon 4Get birthday surprises, promotional offers, and more when you set up your pet's profile!

Manage your best friend's
care beyond health records

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Manage Medical Records

Upload and share records all in one place and take them with you wherever you go. You can use them as proof of vaccination with groomers, hotels, and more.

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Setup recurring reminders for anything from flea medication to daily walks.

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Pet Product Recalls

Set up recall alerts for your pets' foods, and we'll let you know when a recall is published.

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Track Important Information

Keep a timeline of your pets' weight to a healthier life.

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